Takeover Day

If you had visited Techniquest Glyndŵr last Thursday (16thNovember), you would have had rather a surprise! You would have found children doing jobs and taking on roles that adults in the Science Centre usually do.

Year 6 pupils from St. Peter’s Primary School in Rossett were invited by the school to apply for the six positions that would be offered at Techniquest Glyndŵr for the day.

Eleonora Abbiati, Jack Wills, Ianto Roberts , Alice King, Oliver Hennessy, Emily Powell were the lucky six children chosen to take over at Techniquest Glyndŵr for the day.

During the day they took on the various roles ‘behind the scenes’ that help make the science discovery centre a popular destination for educational school visits and a fun day out for families.

The children assumed the various roles in the centre including Supervisor, Presenter, Host, Project Coordinator and Marketing Officer.

Each of the children on the visit was allocated a Techniquest Glyndŵr Team Member to work with for the day as a ‘mini-me’. This meant that each child would get a flavour of what working in a Science Discovery Centre is like.

Oliver Hennessy helped the staff in the Marketing Team by taking pictures, interviewing children and staff  and composing and posting social media messages, whilst others answered the telephone and made calls to schools, helped to prepare a live science show, helped with welcoming another school on their visit to the centre, or worked the till. One child even helped with a live science workshop that had been booked by Belvidere Primary School from Shrewsbury who were visiting the centre on the day.

Oliver Hennessy , who took on the role of Communications Officer for the day said

“I have really enjoyed today. I think it is one of the best days I have ever had.”

During the day Oliver interviewed Jack Birch, a Science Communicator with Techniquest Glyndŵr;

He asked “ Do you enjoy your job?”

To which Jack replied

“Very much so. In fact this is the one job I look forward to when I come into work every day.”

Oliver  also interviewed fellow pupil Leonora – “What is the best bit about your role today and what other role would you like to take on here”

To which Leonora replied

“It was fun using the walkie-talkie to talk with the other staff. And if I couldn’t be doing this job helping as a Supervisor I would like to work with the Sales person.”

Matthew Roberts, a Year 6 Teacher at St Peter’s School Rossett and Manager for Key Stage 2 in the school said

“ We were approached by Techniquest Glyndŵr  to take part in this TakeOver Day and seeing it as a unique opportunity to involve pupils from the school in a real life experienceI was keen to accept the offer. After Cerian from Techniquest Glyndwr came to the school to give a live science demonstration I asked all Year 6 pupils to write an application letter to set out why they would like to take on a particular role at the centre for the day.

Looking through the applications I then had the hard task of selecting just 6 pupils to have this experience. I thought the opportunity was especially valuable since it helped to give the children the realistic experience of applying for something they might not necessarily be selected for. However I was keen that the six who were successful to be able to take part in this wonderful experience that they reported back to others in Assembly afterwards.

The lucky children that were selected were so excited to take part and I’m sure they will have got a lot out of it, especially when they will be practicing their communication skills in a realistic situation. The whole school is looking forward to hearing all about it when they return. ”

Assistant Teacher Mrs Roberts who accompanied the children to the science centre said;

“It has been wonderful to see how the children have been welcomed by the staff here to take part in this unique event. They have obviously enjoyed every minute of their day today and I am sure they will be telling all the other children what a wonderful time they have had.

The day’s event was part of the ‘Taking Over Museums’ initiative which organises a number of Takeover events in England and Wales where children ‘take over’ museums and take on the roles of staff for the day.

Cerian Kassam, from Techniquest Glyndŵr the organiser of the event said

“At Techniquest Glyndŵr, we’re passionate to include children and teenagers in science discovery and the ‘Take Over’ initiative is a great way to engage children in a slightly different way so that they get an idea of the excitement that lies behind our work.

Following previous hugely successful Take Over Days we were keen to involve another local school in this unique and fun experience. We hope to organise another event next year.”

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