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Techniquest Glyndŵr has just announced the successful conclusion of negotiations for an additional space that will soon be available for the popular Science Discovery Centre in Wrexham to engage new audiences in the excitement of science and technology.

The former TJ Hughes premises located between Chester Street and HenblasSquare, Wrexham has lain empty since 2011 when the retailer closed its doors in the town for the last time. With the signing of a 12 month agreement the building will now have a new lease of life, playing host to a programme of community science events, exhibitions and fundraising events which are being planned by Techniquest Glyndŵr to take place over the next year.

It is hoped that the events will be a prelude to the ambitious plans of North Wales Science Limited, the charity that runs Techniquest Glyndŵr, to move its operational base to the building in the centre of Wrexham in 2019.

Scot Owen the Centre Manager said:

“For a long time we have been looking at ways to have a more visible presence in Wrexham, and our current location has made it difficult to attract the sort of visitor numbers we want in order to ensure a longer term sustainable future for the centre.

The opening of the temporary town centre venue will be a great way to celebrate our 15th year of operation and we intend that this new presence will help ensure that Techniquest Glyndŵr will be thriving for many more years to come.”

Comments are now welcomed from our supporters including ideas on what could be incorporated within the new base - these would include activities, facilities, exhibitions or events.  We are interested to hear from our visitors, annual pass holders, schools we have worked with, local businesses and industry and anybody that would like to see a science discovery centre to be proud of being located permanently in Wrexham town centre.

Any of our bids for funding to make the use of the town centre building will need to demonstrate engagement with the wider community so please share your thoughts!

Please leave your comments and ideas below with your suggestions

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  1. Plant alchemy section. It will explain the amazing chemicals in different plants, how they can be used for medicines, research being done to identify new uses. How modern medicines still contain plant materials or where derived from them. Could include why some plants are poisonous to animals, humans or even other plants. Eg digitalis used in heart medicine, yew clippings from local National Trust Sites.

  2. Life cycles area. Create 3D and 2D graphs to compare the life span of an oak tree, an insect. A human. A parrot, a plant, a fossil etc. Explain how the environment can effect life span. Interactive area where you Have to put pictures of natural things in order of their life span. Eg. Daffodil bulb, fish, spider, lichen, mushroom. Etc.

  3. Display cases for 3D examples (like fossils), and information stand for leaflets about other local science type places or activities. But So the Brymbo fossil forest, engineering projects like Llangollen chain bridge, architecture 3D models of local buildings including the materials they are constructed from. Link in with other local tourist attractions.

  4. Could you get one of those pedal bikes that run dynamos to create electricity for lights. If you had 3 or 4 people could race each other? Find useful things to power. So people understand it takes different amounts of energy to power a light bulb, kettle, recharge a phone. Maybe represented in lights? Energy companies may help with funding.

  5. Explain how much water it takes to fill a bath, have a shower, wash dishes in a sink, flush a new or old toilet. Water companies could sponsor and provide data, and toilet cistern bags to save water.

  6. Our pre school have visited many times and the children always gain so much from being allowed the freedom to roam and twiddle and we noticeably see progress from one visit to the next as children develop their understanding. More activities aimed at this age group would be good – we need to develop their interest in science as young as we can! Whilst the craft activities that they do on toddler sessions are OK, they really don’t get much from them, as they tend to be rushed due to time constraints. Would be better to have an adult-led practical workshop, where groups of them could re-create some of the experiments for themselves – focus on the science rather than the crafts, eg making basic junk cars that move, balloon rockets, simplified versions of Michael Jepson’s excellent suggestions above, eg let them actually see how much water is used in baths/showers, and love the idea of pedalling to create electricity! Good luck in your mission!

  7. I think it would be great if you could incorporate a community meeting room or family room that could be booked by members of the public or organisations in order to hold meetings or where family members could meet in a safe and appropriate environment

    • Thanks for your idea – we will have bookable space within our proposals but community events/meetings are a dimension we could explore

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