This one step at TQG could help you save the planet

Techniquest Glyndwr has continued to take steps towards furthering our environmental awareness by now stocking a limited supply of Bamboo Coffee cups.

The issue of single use plastics and non recycled paper products is huge in 2018 and annually there are a staggering half a trillion disposable cups manufactured, that’s 70 cups for every one person on the planet! With these cups containing 5% polyurethane plastic recycling of these cups is incredibly rare.

The lightweight cups at TQG are made from biodegradable bamboo fibre and are the perfect tool for the office or on the go and can help you save cash in the process.

With a charge on throw-away cups in all of our café’s and away from Techniquest with small independents to national chains charging you that bit extra, this could be a great asset to re-charge your batteries on those cold winter mornings.

We’ve a whopping 12 designs available for you to choose from all of which are in limited supply. If your thing is birds, bikes, bees or butterflies your in luck! Perhaps a loyal pooch or wise owl will take your fancy, but it may be difficult to leave the various dragonflies or cats we offer on the store shelf!

Be a part of making a difference to our planet by taking action with millions across the world who are making changes to their habits and saving money in the meantime.

Cups are available at Techniquest at just £9.99 making it a great excuse to head down to see over 65 hands on exhibits in the meantime this half-term or beyond.

You can view our opening times and events here.

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