How would you like to find yourself with a free pass to enjoy a day at Techniquest Glyndwr? What if we told you that you could do this over and over again?

We’ve teamed up with Wrexham Rewards to give you the chance to earn a free trip with the simple tap of your smartphone.

Wrexham rewards is a great app which helps you not only earn freebies and discounts but be able to find and contact local businesses in the area.

It works like any loyalty card with the added benefit of actually having the chance to complete it without it falling out of your purse or surviving any clear out of clutter from your bag.

Every time you visit the centre you just need to scan the code at the front desk and it adds to your account, once you’ve scanned seven times (that’s one per person) the next person goes free! If you come in a group of four you’ll get four scans for that visit! Measuring per person and not per trip this is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of a great reward.

Fancy starting your own? Download Wrexham Rewards and come on down!



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