BREAKING NEWS: Techniquest Glyndŵr shocks world by employing children as young as 4

Wrexham based Science Centre Techniquest Glyndŵr has stunned employers across the country by hiring children as young as four years of age to work in the Science Discovery Centre.

The boy, employed by the charity on a temporary basis, can now be named as Hari Williams (named locally as ‘Pudding’). He was reportedly quoted as saying ‘thank you for my gooey’ and filmed by his mother who looked on in horror as her son’s slime-infested fingers corrupted her brand new cream coloured sofa. The mother – aged 33 and residing in Holt- appears to be advocating the move by the Wrexham based science centre to employ children from such a young age, and is incredulously encouraging others to do the same.

The role of ‘Chief Slime Tester’ comes with lengthy hours of enjoyment and a mischievous demeanour. The Little-Person Specification cites the need to enjoy all things snot-related as a mandatory requirement for the position.

The charity is keen to fill numerous similar vacancies within the coming weeks, with interviews for other similar roles commencing on Saturday 13th April at Techniquest Glyndŵr. Children are reportedly able to bring their ‘big person’ along should they wish. However, this may be met with some resistance from the team at the centre on the Wrexham Glyndŵr University campus who appear to be dubbing the adults as NIMBYs, the acronym used when referring to those who like the idea of something but ‘Not In My Back Yard’. Supposedly referring to the issue of having slime in one’s house and not being able to get it out of carpets, clothes or hair for weeks, and in some extreme cases, for months to come.

We are encouraging those who are keen to defend the actions of the centre to get in touch, whilst staff at the centre are urging people to vote with their feet, or at least, initially with their fingers, by booking an ‘interview’ for their slime-loving little monster on 13th April.

In the meantime, experts are calling for calm whilst they look into the subject of under-age employment by the science centre as a matter of urgency.

You can share your thoughts on the breaking news by using the hashtag #MyTQG whilst heading over to Facebook and Twitter to voice any concerns directly.

Hopeful applicants can make enquiries and approach Techniquest Glyndŵr for the role here. 

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