Hi, I’m Teri! I started work at Techniquest Glyndŵr  in March 2014 as a Science Communicator after being a stay at home mum to my daughter. In my role I work with a variety of people from little children through to the older generation, through speaking to them in centre to going out to events we attend, sometimes involving science busking. I really enjoy going to schools doing a variety of different workshops. I am also involved in our Lego and programming workshops. I was made a supervisor in August 2015.

I have will soon finish my studies at Glyndwr University where I’m doing a Degree in Computer Science; I have always had an interest in how computers work and what makes them work. This has grown since working at Techniquest Glyndŵr renewing my love of programming and how computers work, with a new interest in robotics. 

Outside of work I enjoy walking in the countryside, gardening and cross stitch. I can also be found attending a variety of different events and workshops to do with computer programming and technology.