Techniquest Glyndŵr is an independent registered education charity, funded from a variety of sources. These include grants and service level agreements, donations and fundraising activities.

We are extremely grateful to all of our funders and donors who have helped us deliver excitement and interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) over the years.

Current funders 

Funded projects: 

The STEM Transition Programme KS2-KS3
The STEM Transition Programme is a 27-month funded project from the National Science Academy Wales which enables Techniquest Glyndŵr to deliver STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities to support students as they transition from primary school to secondary school.

The Block Grant
The Block Grant enables Techniquest Glyndŵr to deliver a reduced cost centre based or outreach science curriculum education programme to secondary and primary schools in Wales.

Funded projects

Young Science Communicators
Young Chemistry Communicators is a project being rolled out by Techniquest Glyndŵr to enhance the public engagement skills of local sixth-form students and deliver chemistry related activities at events over the next two years.

Spectroscopy in a Suitcase
Spectroscopy in a Suitcase involves the delivery of workshops in secondary schools across North Wales and North West England supported by University based chemists utilising portable spectrometers to demonstrate the application of the technology in a real life context.

Chemistry at Work
Chemistry at Work  offers two special chemistry focused  events for year 9&10 students to take part in activities and learn first-hand the real world applications of how chemistry is used in many careers and industries. The students will have the opportunity to partake in hands-on chemistry based activities led by people working within chemistry linked careers. The two events will take place at Techniquest Glyndwr in Wrexham, North East Wales during Spring 2018 and at Bangor University in Gwynedd, North West Wales Summer 2018.

Funded projects: 

Secret World of Gases
The Secret World of Gases is a two-year national programme to engage, inspire and involve school-age children and their families with the amazing stories and science of gases

Operation Earth
Operation Earth is a two-year national programme to engage, inspire and involve families with school-age children across the UK with the amazing stories, science and people of NERC’s world-leading environmental research, highlighting the relevance of contemporary environmental science issues to their daily lives and to society's future.

Explore Your Universe
‘Explore Your Universe: from Atoms to Astrophysics’ is a programme which has the the goal of ‘inspiring a new sense of excitement amongst young people around the physical sciences by sharing the amazing stories and technologies of STFC. It has been brought about by a strategic partnership formed in 2011 between The UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres (ASDC) and the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). The programme  includes outreach visits to schools in North West Wales delivering Explore Your Universe workshops , bursaries for schools to attend the curriculum based workshops at the centre and presentation of the 'From Atoms to Astrophysics' science shows to the general public  visiting the centre.

Funded Project

The ‘Transportation and Navigation’ project
The ‘Transportation and Navigation’ project is a six month programme aims to engage the Portugese community of Wrexham with physicists and their work, through hands-on outreach activities and interactive demonstrations. The project will particularly focus on the important historical advances made by Portugese explorers in the areas of transportation and navigation, and will link these to the important research being done by physicists today.

Funded Project

Family Learning through Space Exploration project
Family Learning through Space Exploration project is A HEFCW-funded Reaching Wider Programme project which delivers a series of stargazing events for family audiences at six local primary schools . Amongst the activities that have been funded are trips into space inside our inflatable planetarium, live stargazing with telescopes and binoculars (weather permitting), star map (planisphere) workshop activity, space related craft and space themed experiment demonstrations.

Previous funders

Previous funders of Techniquest Glyndŵr include:

Funded Project:

Let's Go on an Engineering Adventure
Let's Go on an Engineering Adventure was a programme of events for the community of North Wales  delivered from May 2016 to July 2017. Its aim was to engage the public with engineering through activities led by local engineers linked to the theme of adventure.

This project was funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering 'Ingenious' scheme.

Funded project:

The Science Garden Project
The Science Garden offers a mixture of planted areas and features such as paths, raised beds and pond area, a composting area and a number of items of equipment that illustrate the primary scientific themes of Biodiversity, Renewable Energy and Recycling within the garden.

Funded from a variety of sources and combined with a significant amount of voluntary effort the garden is a major addition to the visitor experience at the centre offering the potential for outdoor educational activities involving the natural sciences as well as an attractive outdoor picnic space. 

Funded projects:

Chemistry on the go
Chemistry on the go aims to bring chemistry into the public domain. A range of hands on chemistry activities were developed to add to the current science busking kits  that Techniquest Glyndŵr uses to capture the attention of all ages of the public audience. Techniquest Glyndŵr developed a selection of simple chemistry experiments that can be demonstrated and tried by visitors to public events.

ChemNet - Chemistry Quiz Night
ChemNet - Chemistry Quiz Night is an annual event held at Techniquest Glyndŵr attracting entries of teams of science students from secondary schools in the region to take part in a light-hearted quiz night involving chemistry knowledge. The aim of the event is to involve students in membership of the Royal Society of Chemistry and consequent engagement with future activities.

Funded Project

STEM engagement activities
 STEM engagement activities (Science, Technology, Engineeering, Mathematics)  involving parents and children together have been organised and delivered by Techniquest Glyndwr  in a number of different schools across North Wales as well as at the centre. These have been funded by the North and Mid Wales Reaching Wider Partnership which aims to increase Higher Education (HE) participation from under-represented groups and communities (in particular Community First areas).

Funded Projects

The Numeracy Employer Engagement Programme
The Numeracy Employer Engagement Programme was a two year project delivered by Techniquest Glyndŵr between 2013 and 2015. It was designed to help school pupils and their teachers in secondary education by bringing to life the world of numeracy by  showing learners the links between the classroom and the working world and developing their numeracy skills , providing them with greater confidence with numbers. A legacy of the project has been a series of workshops that can still be delivered to schools either at the centre or through outreach. The workshops highlight the importance of numeracy across a whole range of subjects, through hands-on, practical and engaging challenges, and packed full of insight and advice from employers. In addition, a series of online videos are available featuring Welsh employers opening their doors to showcase the numeracy skills that can help learners achieve their ambitions, no matter what they want to do!

The Gender Equality project

The Gender Equality project was delivered by Techniquest Glyndŵr between 2013 and 2014  through funding awarded from the Welsh Government.

New activities were developed to take into account the different learning needs of individuals, the aim being to ensure no-one is discouraged from pursuing future careers in STEM because of their gender. Furthermore, time and resources was actively invested to raise the aspirations and interest of girls in Wales with STEM.

The project delivered;

  • STEM workshops, targeted at More Able and Talented girls or those with a specific interest in STEM, available to schools during 2013
  • STEM days, as special activity days delivered in conjunction with industry partners
  • Employer Engagements, consisting of an industry visit, interaction with industry professionals and Techniquest Glyndŵr workshops
  • Partnership of inspirational, successful women in STEM with local schools, delivering careers advice, motivational talks and mentoring opportunities.

A legacy of the project has been the embedding of gender neutrality by Techniquest Glyndŵr in the content and delivery of workshops together with their support and promotional materials. A series of workshops are still available for booking that directly address stereotyping of gender roles.