One easy step to get free entry this St David’s Day!

Techniquest Glyndwr is offering you the chance to gain free entry to the centre this week and there’s just one thing that you need to do.

To celebrate St David’s Day this Friday the Science Discovery Centre will be allowing free entry for children wearing any form of Welsh clothing. Whether kitted out like a young Alun Wyn Jones or a fancy Welsh dress you can enjoy TQG at no charge.

An offer where even a simple daffodil or leek will do the trick, for every child showcasing their Welsh pride this half term they receive free entry per full-paying adult.

You can visit our 65+ hands-on exhibits this holiday as well as enjoy our ‘Disgusting Digestion’ show running twice a day to entertain and enthral both adults and kids!

We at Techniquest Glyndwr are looking forward to welcoming you this week and will be celebrating St David’s Day by bringing you the wonder of science the only way we know how!

There is no need to book for Techniquest Glyndwr, and our shows will be taking place at 13:00 and 15:30, come and join us!

NOTICE: TQG Parking and Access for 20/02/19

On Wednesday February 20th 2019 Glyndwr University will be holding an event on campus which will impact the way in which the public are able to access the Plas Coch site.

Techniquest Glyndwr will be open as usual on this day with the same opening hours (10am-16:30) but advise the following for our public visitors.

Glyndwr University will be running a mock scenario involving emergency services, crime scene personnel, theatre and journalism students with many areas of the campus cordoned off restricting access.

  • Access to Techniquest Glyndwr will be through the Crispin Lane entrance only.
  • Parking spaces for Techniquest Glyndwr remain as normal with places available to visitors.
  • Those visiting via train should arrive via Crispin Lane as well as those walking from Wrexham Town Centre.
  • The presence of the emergency services (including light and sirens) are a mock scenario unless otherwise stated.

Schools visiting the centre for this day have been informed and we look forward to welcome all to to Techniquest Glyndwr for a day of intriguing science discovery.

Could you take advantage of this FREE event at TQG?

Techniquest Glyndwr will this month be hosting a one-time-only event at it’s centre by offering the opportunity for the visually impaired to engage with the touring ‘Tactile Collider’.

The event on Saturday February 23rd offers the chance for those with issues with sight to learn about particle physics in a highly immersive environment to explore the sights, sounds and feeling of particle accelerators and speak to real life researchers to immerse in cutting edge science.

This free event is open to the public and offers such experiences as learning all about the Higgs Boson with a four-meter scale model. Allowing the visual impaired community to access the science behind the large hadron collider and unlock the secrets of the Big Bang, all ages are welcome to come and take advantage of this opportunity with the touring ‘Tactile Collider’ making it’s way to Wrexham.

The day before will also welcome school groups to the centre located Glyndwr University’s Plas Coch campus and any groups who would be interested in the event free of charge should get in contact.


Katie Williams – organiser of the event at Techniquest Glyndwr – said:

This is a wonderful opportunity for the visually impaired community to engage with exciting and engaging aspects of particle physics. Techniquest Glyndwr is keen to reach out to everyone in our community and offer a vast range of opportunities.

We’re delighted that we can offer an event that not only engages with the visually impaired but also makes it free of charge to make sure we can give access to anyone who would like to participate.

This is set to be a really exciting weekend with guests arriving to give intriguing discussions and for the centre to allow our guests the opportunity to utilise our 65+ hands on exhibits in the process.


Are you or someone you know visually impaired and want to take advantage of the free event? You can book yourself on by clicking below!

Grant enables local schools to design robot vehicles

Techniquest Glyndŵr is celebrating after receiving a £4,970.46 grant from the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Techniquest Glyndŵr, engages over 72,000 people each year with hands-on activities, both at its science discovery centre in Wrexham and through an extensive outreach programme across the region.

The ‘Engineering the Future’ project will develop and deliver a new driverless vehicle workshop for schools using CrumbleBots robot kits, together with help from local engineers.

The Engineering Education Grant Scheme (EEGS), which is run by the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, aims to engage young people aged 5-19 in learning about engineering and to develop the professional skills of those involved in supporting Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics learning and careers awareness.

Dawn Pavey, Projects and Fundraising Coordinator at Techniquest Glyndŵr, said: “We are excited to be collaborating with engineers to create a new workshop for our primary and secondary programmes. The grant is also supporting our annual schools’ event in June celebrating International Women in Engineering Day, which many local engineers volunteer at to inspire more female students to consider careers in engineering.”

Peter Finegold, Head of Education and Skills at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, said: “The Engineering the Future project is a fantastic example of the kind of projects the EEGS scheme aims to promote. The UK is facing a critical engineering skills shortage and showing young people how creative and exciting engineering can be is a key way of inspiring the engineers of tomorrow.”

David Lakin, Head of Education at the Institution of Engineering and Technology, said: “In order to tackle the engineering skills gap we need more graduates and apprentices to enter the profession, and this can only happen if more school-age children – girls as well as boys – are attracted to, and choose to study Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects. The IET is investing considerable resource in EEGS to support vital projects like Engineering the Future, which highlight the exciting, creative and rewarding world of engineering careers to young people.”

Organisations capable of developing and delivering UK-based educational activities are eligible to apply to the EEGS scheme.

There are two levels of funding available. Awards of up to £5,000 are available for standard applications to the fund, and up-to-four awards of £15,000 are available each year.

How one simple trick can get you discounts at Techniquest Glyndwr & elsewhere in Wrexham!

Techniquest Glyndwr has this week teamed up with the guys at This Is Wrexham to further cement ourselves within the fantastic tourism scene of the county.

At the beginning of December we were paid a visit by This Is Wrexham who came to the centre to drop off some cards which offer you, our visitors, a fantastic opportunity for discounts at both Techniquest Glyndwr and elsewhere.

Once you spend £10 or more in our shop you are eligible for a free ‘This Is Wrexham’ Card that means you can redeem 10% off every visit you make to Techniquest Glyndwr, as well as offers for other attractions.

With Christmas fast approaching why not pop in to the centre to pick up some excellent deals on stocking fillers for the loved ones in your life with plenty of deals currently on offer, whilst picking up your very own card to save money throughout the year?

Katie Williams, Business Development and Stakeholder Engagement Officer at Techniquest Glyndwr has called the partnership a ‘great way of further engaging with Wrexham’s thriving tourism industry’.

“This Is Wrexham have been a key player in the recent success stories in Wrexham with their backing of huge events in the last couple of years, and we’re really pleased to be able to work with them.

“With so many people visiting the centre we hope they’ll take advantage of our fantastic offer for their next visit to Techniquest Glyndwr as well as at other destinations across the county.

“We’ve been a big part of the town’s tourism scene since opening in 2003 and hope that anyone who has already used their card elsewhere, will now think of Techniquest Glyndwr for their next family fun-filled day out”.

Joe Bickerton, Destination Manager for Wrexham County Borough Council added:

"The This Is Wrexham Tourism scheme is a private sector led partnership between 42 attractions, accommodation and event provides in Wrexham County - working together to support the Tourism Industry.

“The backbone of this is their benefits card - which offers exclusive discounts at top attractions and places to stay and eat around the County.

“It's also great to see Techniquest Glyndwr taking part in this, as the centre provides a unique day out for visitors exploring North East Wales."

Find out more about This is Wrexham's card below.


NOTICE: Parking for Techniquest Glyndwr Christmas Market

This weekend Wrexham will be a hive of activity with a number of major events taking place within close proximity.

As well as the Comic-Con event taking place on the Plas Coch campus of Glyndwr University and the FA Cup tie between Wrexham and Newport County at the Racecourse Ground we’ll be hosting our very own Christmas market.

With three events in such close proximity the question of parking arises and Techniquest Glyndwr is pleased to be able to offer facilities to those arriving on the campus wishing to attend our event at the centre.

There will be limited parking at the Turf Hotel on Mold Road which is free to use for those attending the Christmas market between the hours of 10:30am until 16:30. The parking at the Turf will be for Techniquest Glyndwr only and those wishing to attend Comic-Con will not be permitted, with parking available on the University car park. The Turf Hotel is a 5-10 minute walk (pictured, below) and it is recommended you walk along Crispin Lane.

The Turf parking will be stewarded and we thank those involved for allowing use of the facility.

For Disabled visitors, there will be parking facilities outside the centre on Plas Coch campus, however this is in limited supply - please enter the campus via the entrance on Crispin Lane where you will be directed.

How would you like to find yourself with a free pass to enjoy a day at Techniquest Glyndwr? What if we told you that you could do this over and over again?

We’ve teamed up with Wrexham Rewards to give you the chance to earn a free trip with the simple tap of your smartphone.

Wrexham rewards is a great app which helps you not only earn freebies and discounts but be able to find and contact local businesses in the area.

It works like any loyalty card with the added benefit of actually having the chance to complete it without it falling out of your purse or surviving any clear out of clutter from your bag.

Every time you visit the centre you just need to scan the code at the front desk and it adds to your account, once you’ve scanned seven times (that’s one per person) the next person goes free! If you come in a group of four you’ll get four scans for that visit! Measuring per person and not per trip this is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of a great reward.

Fancy starting your own? Download Wrexham Rewards and come on down!



Five totally bonkers facts about Bonfire Night!

It's that time of year again where it isn't just a chill that's in the air but a rainbow of colours burst to fill the sky whilst barbecues fire up alongside the bonfire, it can only be November 5th. 

Science is all around us and especially today, here we take a look at five totally baffling facts about Bonfire Night that will blow your mind!


1 – Fireworks were invented completely by accident way back in the 10thcentury! A Chinese cook accidently mixed three common cooking ingredients and set it alight causing colourful flames. Those ingredients were sulphur, charcoal and a salt substitute.


2- Had Guy Fawkes’ plan not been stopped and he successfully lit the 2,500kg of gunpowder beneath the houses of parliament , it would have caused damage within a radius of almost 500 metres. That’s almost the length of six football pitches!


3- To create all of the magnificent colours we see fill the sky each November 5theach firework needs it’s own special concoction. Each one needs a special metal element and when it burns the electrons go wild and release energy in the form of light. To make red you need Strontium and lithium, blue needs copper, yellow is created by sodium, barium makes green whilst magnesium and titanium create silver or white.


4- Every year we celebrate with Bonfires, something that has been done since the gunpowder plot was foiled way back in 1605. As well as fireworks we light a large bonfire which generates a lot of smoke and fire that depending on how big it is can be seen for miles! Fires are a chemical reaction that releases light and heat and requires three key ingredients – fuel, oxygen and heat to burn. The fuel we generally see on Bonfire night is wood, which is very good for the bonfire and keeps it burning.


5- It’s often said that sparklers are the safest firework that you can use, so much so you hold them when they go off! However, there’s a reason you need to wear gloves whenever you set one off. A sparkler burns at x15 the boiling point of water, that’s a staggering 1,500 degrees! If you had the power of three sparklers lit together that would be the equivalent of a blow torch, so be careful!


Fancy more explosive fun? Our ‘All Fired Up’ show begins this Saturday (November 10th) and runs all the way until December 23rd  - Click Here for more information.

How your shopping spree could boost TQG

Right, before we go on any further first of all allow us to apologise, we’re only hours into November but we’re already bringing up that word…Christmas.

However, more and more these days we’ve all got to be prepared in order to give our loved ones the festive period that they deserve and as such we’re calling on you.

Are you one of those people who’s on top of it all? Everything is done and dusted before the first door is punched through on the little ones advent calendar? Their thumb pressing through the window to mark day one of a 25 day countdown, whilst you sit back and relax in full knowledge that you’ve nothing more to purchase.

Maybe you’re just beginning now, it’s a busy time and you aren’t making the same mistake as last year battling it out for the last popular toy of the year on Christmas eve whilst the other half scrambles around for a turkey to the sound of shop doors thudding closed until Boxing Day.

No matter which one you are, you can help us to help you. As we fire up the online shopping accounts the global site Amazon will be used by a lot of us, you’ve probably made a purchase on there yourself. Well, did you know about Amazon Smile? It’s the same thing, same guys and same idea but with a really clever and generous twist.

For every purchase that you make on Amazon Smile the North Wales Science Board will receive 0.5% of the price, which may not sound like much but it all adds up and Christmas time is key. You can help us deliver educational activities to thousands of kids across the UK from our Wrexham base by selecting North Wales Science Board when you log in.

We are only able to deliver what we do through the generosity of others, as a registered charity we can’t do it all alone and thanks to people like you just simply choosing us to back we can continue to inspire young minds.

You don’t need to do anything other than visit Amazon Smile, where all your details remain the same just with the addition of choosing your charity, select us, browse as normal and that’s it, once you’ve paid we both win. Christmas sorted and Techniquest stronger at no extra cost to you.

You can visit Amazon Smile by clicking here.

This one step at TQG could help you save the planet

Techniquest Glyndwr has continued to take steps towards furthering our environmental awareness by now stocking a limited supply of Bamboo Coffee cups.

The issue of single use plastics and non recycled paper products is huge in 2018 and annually there are a staggering half a trillion disposable cups manufactured, that’s 70 cups for every one person on the planet! With these cups containing 5% polyurethane plastic recycling of these cups is incredibly rare.

The lightweight cups at TQG are made from biodegradable bamboo fibre and are the perfect tool for the office or on the go and can help you save cash in the process.

With a charge on throw-away cups in all of our café’s and away from Techniquest with small independents to national chains charging you that bit extra, this could be a great asset to re-charge your batteries on those cold winter mornings.

We’ve a whopping 12 designs available for you to choose from all of which are in limited supply. If your thing is birds, bikes, bees or butterflies your in luck! Perhaps a loyal pooch or wise owl will take your fancy, but it may be difficult to leave the various dragonflies or cats we offer on the store shelf!

Be a part of making a difference to our planet by taking action with millions across the world who are making changes to their habits and saving money in the meantime.

Cups are available at Techniquest at just £9.99 making it a great excuse to head down to see over 65 hands on exhibits in the meantime this half-term or beyond.

You can view our opening times and events here.