Town Centre Purchase and Further Plans Revealed

  • North Wales Science Ltd completes building purchase
  • Change of use approved by Wrexham CBC
  • Public thoroughfare plans revealed

Techniquest Glyndwr is thrilled to confirm that the purchase of the property within the centre of Wrexham – formerly occupied by TJ Hughes – has been completed.

North Wales Science Ltd has successfully procured the building and now work can begin creating a new science discovery centre within the heart of the community.

In June 2019 it was revealed that we had successfully acquired funding to make the purchase and create a brand new experience for visitors and schools alike, with the ball firmly rolling on the next steps for TQG.

In what is set to be an exciting 12-months for the organisation, the community are now being consulted on all aspects of the new centre. The purchase of the building is a major step towards the occupation of the Henblas Square property.

Planning has been submitted and approved for change of use by Wrexham County Borough Council for the centre that will include exhibition space, café, science shop, laboratories and theatre space.

The centre will also include a public thoroughfare, a welcome return for visitors to Wrexham town centre.

More information on work at the site and plans are set to be revealed in the coming months.


Techniquest Glyndwr Centre manager Scot Owen said:


“The purchase of the building is a positive stride towards us occupying our new home and we’re thrilled that this has been completed.

“We were delighted with the response from the public and local businesses alike when we were finally able to announce that funding was in place to re-locate and now those in and around the town centre will be sure to spot changes and progress being made to the building over the coming months.

“With the change of use being approved and the plans in place for an excellent facility which includes the welcome return of the walkway linking Henblas Square and Chester Street the ball is firmly rolling.

“The chance to bring a Science Discovery Centre into the town centre and firmly embed ourselves within the community is fantastic and we can’t wait to reveal more news very soon”.

Confirmed | Major funding to secure Town Centre Move

Techniquest Glyndŵr are delighted to announce a major funding package has been secured allowing huge opportunities for the organisation. It will mean that the Wrexham based science centre will be finally be able to realise its long-held dream of moving to the town centre into the empty former TJ Hughes building.

The move will enable the Science Centre to make use of the much larger premises to offer an ambitious programme of science events and a much wider selection of interactive exhibits to the public and schools from across North Wales and North West England. This will offer an exciting and innovative programme of events and interactive experiences that will engage visitors from local communities and across the region with STEM.

The £2.8million project includes £1.75million grant funding awarded by the Inspiring Science Fund and £750,000 from Welsh Government’s Targeted Regeneration Investment programme. The Inspiring Science Fund supports science centres across the UK, helping them rethink what they do and what they offer to the public. The scheme is co-funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and Wellcome.

The bid for funding had the support of several key agencies in Wrexham including Wrexham Glyndŵr University and Wrexham County Borough Council who have been supporting the regeneration of the town centre.

The plans outlined in the bid have also received widespread public support, demonstrated by the large numbers of local people who visited the temporary science centre pop up over the summer months of 2018 when it was open during Wrexham’s series of monthly street festivals.

Local businesses in the town centre have also expressed their approval for the proposal to create a new town centre attraction which they see will help with the long term economic future of the town.

Many have been backing the #MyTQG campaign over the last 18 months and everyone including Ian Lucas MP, local government, businesses and the public have been right behind it. Techniquest Glyndwr is thankful for this support from our local community.

Techniquest Glyndŵr is now looking to local industry to support us financially and in-kind as we work hard over the next two years to develop the site and even more exciting projects.

The award of the funding begins an intensive 12-month period during which the town centre building will be purchased and converted into a fully operational science discovery centre to replace the existing centre on the Plas Coch Campus of Wrexham Glyndŵr University.


Scot Owen, Techniquest Glyndŵr Centre Manager said:

We’re thrilled to have secured the future of Techniquest Glyndŵr within the heart of our community here in Wrexham.

This move has been part of our vision for quite some time and now we’re able to actively begin to put our plans in place.

Techniquest Glyndŵr is committed to Wrexham and the town centre community, which goes hand in hand with inspiring young minds through STEM subjects. Having somewhere so embedded within the community will only be a positive for all.

We now continue to look forward in what is a very exciting time for both ourselves and Wrexham as a whole, with a fantastic opportunity to create something special for our region.


Hannah Blythyn, Welsh Government Deputy Minister for Housing and Local Government said:

“Moving Techniquest Glyndŵr to the centre of Wrexham will bring a fantastic visitor attraction to the heart of the town and attract more visitors in with its great mix of technology and science. I’m looking forward to seeing Techniquest Glyndŵr inspire many more young people in north Wales.”


Mark Pritchard, Leader of Wrexham County Borough Council said:

“This is excellent news for Techniquest Glyndŵr and the town centre. It will really open up this part of town once again and I would like to both congratulate staff and all the Partners involved and thank them for their hard work and collaboration in securing this funding.

“The development will be part of the town centre regeneration which will see the Henblas Street and Chester Street areas brought into residential and retail use.

“With an announcement expected soon about the former BHS store the future is looking bright for this area of town.”


Lynda Powell, Director of North Wales Science said:

“This is absolutely great news – for Techniquest Glyndŵr, for Wrexham town centre, and for STEM in North and Mid Wales.

“This funding will help secure Techniquest Glyndŵr in a key town centre location – one which is seeing a range of private and public sector investment. The development will be a key part of the regeneration of our town centre.

It means that Wrexham Glyndŵr University can continue extending the community work it has been doing with its portfolio of science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses. That work is an investment in our regional skills base that has been has developed alongside industry partners, and it will help to boost our economy for years to come.”

A Catalan Abroad – My Time With TQG

At the beginning of 2019 Techniquest Glyndwr greeted volunteer Xavi to the centre. The Catalan student has been working with us on various things at TQG but his time here is coming to a close.

Here, Xavi tells us about his experience and the differences between Barcelona and Wrexham.

Hi, I’m Xavi, I graduated from Autonomous University of Barcelona with a degree in environmental biology and, later on, I studied a master’s degree in oceanography and management of the marine environment at University of Barcelona. Even though my academic training, I had never had the chance to work as a biologist in Spain because the unemployment is absolutely shocking, in particular for the youth (32.4%). Furthermore, I didn’t know what to do so as to find a job opportunity in my country related to my education. Despite knowing that it wouldn’t be easy to find something, I was lucky that one day I heard that the European Social Fund (ESF) was giving some scholarships to unemployed people. That’s the main reason why I decided to apply for the scholarship.

Never before had I thought that the ESF would give me the opportunity to work abroad, in that case, in Techniquest Glyndŵr. To be honest, at the beginning I couldn't believe my eyes because the ESF was offering what I was looking for a long time. I’d like to point out that nowadays for non-native English speaking countries, if you want to find decent job, a higher level of English is required. As a result, as you can imagine, non-native English speakers have to invest a lot of money in extra classes in order to improve their English level. So that, as I was saying before, I was really lucky because they offered me to work in Wales forcing me to practise that language everyday.

Regarding my experience in Techniquest Glyndŵr working as a science communicator I must confess that everything is going pretty well. When I first arrived to my new work placement I felt comfortable and motivated. If I had to highlight the most tricky thing, I’d definitely say Welsh employee’s names in addition to their correct pronunciation. Apart from that issue, all the employees are amazing and really friendly. It seems to me that it’s easy to see that they truly enjoy what they are doing and they work hard on it. I think is superb that this charity is composed of a lot of people from different places because it allows me to learn loads of interesting things from them! The schedule is great because everyday is completely different and you don’t know what you will be doing the rest of your day. What’s more, you have the opportunity to interact and talk to different employees and public every day.

If I had to talk about which tasks I do in this science discovery centre, I must admit that I’ve had the chance to do a little bit of everything. For instance, interacting with the public, hosting school groups as part of their education programmes, accompanying the children around the centre, explaining and assisting them with the exhibits, working closely with the staff on the production of their workshops and shows, working alongside with the science communicators on outreach at schools and events, working a little bit as a marketing and communication assistant, working on the till, etc. Therefore, I think I’m very lucky to have had the chance to try each of those tasks. I’ve been working in Techniquest Glyndwr for 3 and a half months and, honestly, I’m happy to see that, even though the language barrier is always there, I haven’t had any problem at all in understanding what they were saying or asking me. Recently, they have asked me if I’d like to present a workshop, which I feel it’s quite challenging for me, especially considering that I’m not an English native speaker. However, I believe that if I practise a lot, I’ll be fine.

Public awareness of science is not an easy task if you want to achieve your goal perfectly, nevertheless, I’m confident that this centre had been working and offering a vast diversity of options and opportunities to promote this field and it’s paying off!


Here are just some of the differences between Wales and my home, Barcelona.


  • Greeting: It’s funny because in Spain we are use to do two kisses, one in each cheek, and we’ll probably shake your hand as well. So, I think we tend to be closer than Welsh people. What’s more, now I’m getting used to Welsh greeting but, I feel Welsh people tend to be colder.
  • Meal times: The point is that in Spain we’re used to have long meals (1h ish), specially during midday because it allows us to break and disconnect a bit. For that reason, when I came to the UK for the first time, I was impressed how is it possible that people have lunch in less than an hour! I think is quite stunning but, at the same time, not very healthy. However, when you live there, you can easily understand why they tend to eat sandwiches, you don’t have to cook and it’s cheap! Moreover, in Spain we are use to have lunch at 2 pm and dinner at 9 pm, whilst it’s completely different from British schedule.
  • Food: This is definitely the foremost topic that had been worrying me since I’ve been living in Wales. When I was in Spain, I remember one day I was watching the BBC News and they were reporting that nowadays, obesity is a significant health concern. What’s more, they described it as a national emergency! In spite of knowing that it was happening, I couldn’t believe it! I’m confident that for Spanish people it’s easier to keep and have a healthier diet due to the fact that we produce loads of fruits and vegetables, nonetheless, I’ll like to highlight that we don’t have many advertisements promoting junk food. However, to be honest, British baked goods are amazing! No matter which one do you order, that you’ll definitely love it! For example, carrot cakes, Welsh cakes, scones,
  • Supermarkets: Why do you use too much plastic for all kinds of stuff? To be honest, I don’t really understand why vegetables, fruits or any other product, are covered with plastic. I must confess that for some products it’s really important, however, do you think we need a plastic envelope for just four apples for example? As an environmental biologist I’m worried about our ecological footprint and our impact, so that, I hope this policy will change soon. As far as I am aware, some UK supermarkets reduce the precise of those products which are going to be out of day the following day. I strongly feel that this initiative it’s a good alternative not to throw aways loads of food everyday.
  • Pubs: What should I say about this lovely places… Pubs are undoubtedly the best place to feel the real Welsh atmosphere. Not only do they offer you a large variety of pints or ciders, but pubs also provide good food and typical meals after all. I have to admit that I couldn’t believe how expensive are all kinds of drinks in those places, however, I feel it’s kind of normal for Welsh people.


NOTICE: Techzone

Over the last five years or so we've held Techzone and introduced the world of technology to hundreds of children and young adults.

During that time our staff and visitors alike have been fascinated by the wonder of computers, robotics and artificial intelligence, making the world of tech that bit less daunting.
Because of this, it saddens us to announce that this weekend's Techzone event 'Animals' will be our last. We hope to be able to bring you another event in similar vein in the future but due to a lack of participants at the moment coinciding with the departure of the event organiser we have had to pause for the time being.
Next month's (July) Techzone event ' Wearable Tech' has unfortunately been cancelled.
We want to wish everyone who's attended over the last five years for making it a highlight in the Techniquest Glyndwr calendar, we hope to have you back visiting soon with a packed summer schedule planned.
As we work towards a very bright future for Techniquest Glyndwr with a number of major events and projects on the horizon, we hope to have a new and improved monthly event for Techzone fans soon.
We apologise for any disappointment and would like to thank you for your continued support.

You can book on for the final Techzone by clicking here.

We Need A Hero – It Could Be You!

On Saturday 13th July, we’re hosting our very first sponsored walk to raise vital funds and we’d love you to join us.

A recent poll revealed that a whopping 32% of people did not realise that we are a charity! Maybe not surprising considering that we aren’t your typical charity funding medical research or providing care to those in need.

What we do however, is bring a family together for a great day out and inspire the next generation of scientist on our school trips! We upskill local children, passing on ideas that could mean that one day they go on to make a break-through in science; or it may just mean that we give a child the confidence to put their hand up in class. For us that would be wonderful!

Contrary to what many my think, we aren’t council run and we must stand on our own two feet to survive; and it is through the kindness of individual donations, business, grants and foundations that we’re able to do so.

All funds are invested into the development and delivery of curriculum-related workshops and live-science shows.

The problem is that we’re running low, which is why we’re reaching out to those who might be up for a challenge to help us.

We’re asking all of our supporters, families, businesses, school children, teachers and staff to get behind us and to raise as much as possible so that we can build an even better science centre for even more people to enjoy.

The Break-Down

Date: Saturday 13th July.

When: Meet at 11am (allow 2 hours to complete the hike).

Children: Welcome of course! Why not make it a day trip out with your family and friends to get fit and have fun! Prams and pushchairs may struggle so please bear that in mind!

Where: Moel Famau top car park, Penbarras, CH7 5SH.

Refreshments: You’re welcome to bring a picnic, but please ty to avoid single use plastics where possible.

What to wear: Kids (and adults!) are positively encouraged to come in fancy dress.

What to raise: We ask that you try and raise as much as possible for Techniquest Glyndwr and to bring it with you on the day. Your contribution will go towards a new community-focussed exhibit!

Our offer: Raise £20 or more for a chance to win an annual pass to our centre.

Our offer to schools: Get a % off a school trip for every sponsored walker from your school! Bring 100 kids, that's a free school trip!

Download the Techniquest Glyndwr Sponsored Walk form here.

NOTICE: Opening Hours (11/06/2019)

Techniquest Glyndwr is giving notice that our opening hours will change tomorrow (Tuesday - 11/06/2019) where we will be closing at the earlier time of 14:30.

Opening as usual at 10:00, we will be closing early for a routine meeting meaning our staff will be otherwise engaged.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, our opening hours of 10:00-16:30 will resume on Wednesday (12/06/2019).

Thank you for our continued support, to keep up with all the latest news keep up with TQG on social media.

5 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know About TQG

Whether a seasoned visitor or someone discovering Techniquest Glyndŵr for the first time there is always something new for you to experience and learn. Here we’ll take a look at 5 facts that you didn’t know about TQG!


1 - Did you know we are a registered charity? Lots of people don’t! By simply visiting TQG or buying a gift from our shop you are helping us to continue engaging with school children and families. Speaking of our shop, did you know it's the only science dedicated store around? It's the best place to grab a science gift during your trip. So why not treat yourself to an extra coffee when you visit next? It all adds up!


2 -Think you can solve our mirror maze without getting lost, crack our treasure chest or decipher the mystery of our shrinking chair? Come and test your skills and try out some puzzles that aren’t always what they seem.


3- So you’ve visited TQG and had a mind-blowing time, what’s next? Did you know that TQG offers Annual Passes? Enjoy unlimited access to the centre for only £20 for 12 months! Endless enjoyment, access to explosive shows and even invites to exclusive events just for Annual Pass holders and their guests. What’s stopping you?


4- With so much to explore here did you know you can share this with your friends and family and throw your next birthday party at TQG? A unique experience that includes access to the zones, your own host who will take all the stress out of running a birthday party and your own show led by a real scientist. Your friends won’t believe their eyes!


5- Short of cash? Why not come and visit TQG’s very own Science Garden. Enjoy wildlife spotting in the pond and bug hotel, enjoy a picnic and take a selfie with Cosmo, the TQG sheep. There’s loads to do and best of all it’s free to visit!


Now equipped with all this information, why not plan your next family day out here at TQG? You never know what you’ll discover next.


Written by Jess Horner 


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Transport & Parking for April 27/28

This weekend Glyndwr University’s Plas Coch campus will be busier than usual with Comic-Con arriving. Techniquest Glyndwr will be open as usual and we advise anyone visiting Techniquest Glyndwr to ensure they plan their journey accordingly.


Car Parking

There will be limited parking for Techniquest Glyndwr visitors only for Saturday and Sunday that will be for our guests’ use. Comic Con attendees will not be permitted to park at Techniquest Glyndwr.

The entrance via Crispin Lane is also only to be used by Techniquest Glyndwr visitors with Comic Con visitors entering via the Plas Coch side. A steward will be on the gate to assist with this.

We advise visitors that parking will be limited but there are alternative places to park around Wrexham town centre. For a full list of car parks in Wrexham click here. Car parks in the town centre are 15 minutes or so walk away.



Wrexham has a train station within close proximity to Techniquest Glyndwr, meaning rail travel is an easy way to reach us at TQG. Wrexham General Station is just eight minutes walk away from the centre Techniquest Glyndwr.



A number of buses operate into Wrexham arriving at the bus station located in the town centre, and there is a bus stop just two minutes away from Techniquest Glyndwr on Mold Road. A full list of timetables can be found by clicking here.


Taxi Services

If you are unable to make it from the town centre and require transport, there are a number of Taxi companies that operate nearby, you can view them by clicking here.

Lose the stress of feeding the family with this simple trick

We’ve all been there, you’re planning a trip out with the family for a day where memories are made and most importantly the kids are occupied. You’ve an idea of when your setting off and how to get there and now you’ve only got the one job left to do – food.

In front of you lies a mountain of bread, butter, treats and a sea of juice. You slave away for hours endlessly buttering loaves, carefully smearing as you strive not to stick the knife through your latest tuna mayo concoction. Meanwhile you hear tears from the other room, the third time in the space of the hour spent crafting together this family feast, to ensure stomachs aren’t left rumbling.

Now, what if we told you that this no longer has to be a concern? That you can plan your trip stress free whilst simultaneously saving yourself your hard earned cash. Techniquest Glyndwr are delighted to offer you an exclusive deal at the Plas Coch on all food and soft drinks to make sure your family are treated to the best.

Every time you visit us here at Techniquest Glyndwr you can pick up 20% off at the Plas Coch, situated just a stones throw away from us. No more arguing over fillings and flavours, now mum can have a lasagne whilst dad bites into a burger with nuggets for the little ones!

All you need to do is produce your receipt from us over at the Plas Coch that day and you can claim your offer. It’s that easy.

But what if you fancy food first before tiring them out with us at TQG? Well, we’ve got you covered!

Diners at the Plas Coch can take advantage of 20% off at Techniquest Glyndwr, so you can plan your day with flexibility and ease.

So what are you waiting for? Chomp down on some quality grub and explore over 65+ exhibits in the ultimate day-out combo in Wrexham!

*Offer subject to Terms & Conditions.

Techniquest Glyndwr Hierarchy Defend Slime Backlash

Senior Techniquest Glyndwr officials have today fought back against criticism of the Science Discovery Centre recruiting staff as young as four years of age.

Reports which broke in the last week in the Daily Slime, which has made claims that the Wrexham based centre is actively recruiting children to work for them in a ‘goo’ based environment have finally received comment amidst much speculation.

Centre manager Scot Owen hit out at critics who’ve lambasted the move by calling for an end to ‘tabloid tittle-tattle’.

“This may be an unorthodox practice but Techniquest Glyndwr believes in setting the trend in regards to employment opportunities in North Wales” said Owen.

“We’ve searched far and wide for the best Slime testers in the country but nobody fit the bill.

“After exhausting the recruitment process we finally made a breakthrough when one of our younger visitors began making the most incredible progress with our disgusting slime.

“After much negotiation the young man in question finally accepted our offer of two bags of sweets and a company toy car to join the team”.

The last week has seen numerous comments under the social media hashtag #MyTQG of varying opinion from positive responses to cries of ‘where are the parents in all of this?’

Clair Griffiths, a senior slime officer with Techniquest Glyndwr has called for calm in the media slime-storm.

“This has taken much of the media’s attention in the last few days but it’s vital to remember that we’ve made some amazing breakthroughs” said Griffiths.

“Hari has already made massive progress and helped cement our place further as a must see venue in not just North Wales, but the world”.

It’s also believed that the official World Records Committee revealed that four-year old Hari Williams had created the gooiest slime on record, beating that of 6 year old Sally Evans who hit headlines in 2005.

It’s as yet unclear what the next steps will be as this story develops, but it’s believed that Techniquest Glyndwr have arranged for interviews with numerous children in the coming days ahead of the biggest Slime Event in decades.

However, potential employees are encouraged to apply for the role below.


There will be no further comment at this time.