Could you take advantage of this FREE event at TQG?

Techniquest Glyndwr will this month be hosting a one-time-only event at it’s centre by offering the opportunity for the visually impaired to engage with the touring ‘Tactile Collider’.

The event on Saturday February 23rd offers the chance for those with issues with sight to learn about particle physics in a highly immersive environment to explore the sights, sounds and feeling of particle accelerators and speak to real life researchers to immerse in cutting edge science.

This free event is open to the public and offers such experiences as learning all about the Higgs Boson with a four-meter scale model. Allowing the visual impaired community to access the science behind the large hadron collider and unlock the secrets of the Big Bang, all ages are welcome to come and take advantage of this opportunity with the touring ‘Tactile Collider’ making it’s way to Wrexham.

The day before will also welcome school groups to the centre located Glyndwr University’s Plas Coch campus and any groups who would be interested in the event free of charge should get in contact.


Katie Williams – organiser of the event at Techniquest Glyndwr – said:

This is a wonderful opportunity for the visually impaired community to engage with exciting and engaging aspects of particle physics. Techniquest Glyndwr is keen to reach out to everyone in our community and offer a vast range of opportunities.

We’re delighted that we can offer an event that not only engages with the visually impaired but also makes it free of charge to make sure we can give access to anyone who would like to participate.

This is set to be a really exciting weekend with guests arriving to give intriguing discussions and for the centre to allow our guests the opportunity to utilise our 65+ hands on exhibits in the process.


Are you or someone you know visually impaired and want to take advantage of the free event? You can book yourself on by clicking below!

How one simple trick can get you discounts at Techniquest Glyndwr & elsewhere in Wrexham!

Techniquest Glyndwr has this week teamed up with the guys at This Is Wrexham to further cement ourselves within the fantastic tourism scene of the county.

At the beginning of December we were paid a visit by This Is Wrexham who came to the centre to drop off some cards which offer you, our visitors, a fantastic opportunity for discounts at both Techniquest Glyndwr and elsewhere.

Once you spend £10 or more in our shop you are eligible for a free ‘This Is Wrexham’ Card that means you can redeem 10% off every visit you make to Techniquest Glyndwr, as well as offers for other attractions.

With Christmas fast approaching why not pop in to the centre to pick up some excellent deals on stocking fillers for the loved ones in your life with plenty of deals currently on offer, whilst picking up your very own card to save money throughout the year?

Katie Williams, Business Development and Stakeholder Engagement Officer at Techniquest Glyndwr has called the partnership a ‘great way of further engaging with Wrexham’s thriving tourism industry’.

“This Is Wrexham have been a key player in the recent success stories in Wrexham with their backing of huge events in the last couple of years, and we’re really pleased to be able to work with them.

“With so many people visiting the centre we hope they’ll take advantage of our fantastic offer for their next visit to Techniquest Glyndwr as well as at other destinations across the county.

“We’ve been a big part of the town’s tourism scene since opening in 2003 and hope that anyone who has already used their card elsewhere, will now think of Techniquest Glyndwr for their next family fun-filled day out”.

Joe Bickerton, Destination Manager for Wrexham County Borough Council added:

"The This Is Wrexham Tourism scheme is a private sector led partnership between 42 attractions, accommodation and event provides in Wrexham County - working together to support the Tourism Industry.

“The backbone of this is their benefits card - which offers exclusive discounts at top attractions and places to stay and eat around the County.

“It's also great to see Techniquest Glyndwr taking part in this, as the centre provides a unique day out for visitors exploring North East Wales."

Find out more about This is Wrexham's card below.


NOTICE: Parking for Techniquest Glyndwr Christmas Market

This weekend Wrexham will be a hive of activity with a number of major events taking place within close proximity.

As well as the Comic-Con event taking place on the Plas Coch campus of Glyndwr University and the FA Cup tie between Wrexham and Newport County at the Racecourse Ground we’ll be hosting our very own Christmas market.

With three events in such close proximity the question of parking arises and Techniquest Glyndwr is pleased to be able to offer facilities to those arriving on the campus wishing to attend our event at the centre.

There will be limited parking at the Turf Hotel on Mold Road which is free to use for those attending the Christmas market between the hours of 10:30am until 16:30. The parking at the Turf will be for Techniquest Glyndwr only and those wishing to attend Comic-Con will not be permitted, with parking available on the University car park. The Turf Hotel is a 5-10 minute walk (pictured, below) and it is recommended you walk along Crispin Lane.

The Turf parking will be stewarded and we thank those involved for allowing use of the facility.

For Disabled visitors, there will be parking facilities outside the centre on Plas Coch campus, however this is in limited supply - please enter the campus via the entrance on Crispin Lane where you will be directed.

Students organise Christmas Market

Students organise Science Centre’s first Christmas Market


Students from Glyndŵr University have been busy organising the first ever Christmas Market to be held at Techniquest Glyndŵr.



The Christmas Market will be taking place on Saturday 1st December from 11 am and 4.30 pm and, especially for the day, the Science Centre will be offering reduced price entry for the day to the public at £3 for adults and £2 for children.



The event promises to be a great lead-in to the Christmas period with a Santa’s Grotto, carol singers, a Christmas card workshop, and 15 Christmas Market stalls from small local businesses offering festive fare together with a prize raffle with donated prizes from local attractions which include Wrexham Football Club, Chester Zoo, Knowsley Safari Park and the National Trust.



With visitors having access to the 65+ hands-on science exhibits together with live science shows all day the student organisers hope that the event will be a real draw.



All proceeds from the event, apart from sales at the market stalls, will go towards the charity, North Wales Science that operates Techniquest Glyndwr to boost its ability to excite and interest children in science and technology.






The four students from Glyndwr University, Alison Booth, Adrianna Manias, Susie Armstrong and Sarah Gregory are in their second year of a Hospitality, Tourism & Events Management Course and have been organising the Christmas Market as a practical element of their studies.


As Sarah said

“Organising this Christmas Market has been a really productive hands-on learning exercise for all of us.

We spent our first year looking at all the theory side of the topic and this event is the start of the practical side of the course which we will be focusing on in our second year.

The coursework involves a mixture of theory and practical elements and the organisation of the market helps to build up the practical skills around event organisation and management.”

Susie said

“This is the first practical event we have all been involved with and it’s been a steep learning curve for us as we have been grappling with all the aspects of organising and promoting a successful event.”

The students were responsible for publicising and organising the presence of small local businesses in support of the event and they report that all the available 15 ‘pitches’ for the event have been booked and they have organised the layout and programme for the day.

Mandy Jones, Senior Exhibitions and Events Officer at Techniquest Glyndwr, commented

“This is the first time we have worked with the Hospitality, Tourism & Events Management Department at the University by supporting them in providing practical placements for their undergraduates.

I would like to thank the students for all their hard work in preparing for the event and I am sure, given the effort they have put in, it will be really successful.

It’s also been a learning exercise for us as well. We will be able to better gauge the sort of practical experiences we can offer the students which will also help us a not for profit business."


Work placements for young women

Techniquest Glyndŵr has teamed up with local charity “We Mind the Gap” to offer 5 work placements of 4 weeks each to young women from the Wrexham area. The overall placement programme will last until March 2019.

WeMindTheGap traineeship provides life skills, opportunities and work experience in a holistic, “walk alongside” model to young women who haven’t had the best start in life. Powered by Moneypenny, the award-winning company in Wrexham, the charity has successfully delivered 4 years of traineeships with great results.

Chair and founder Rachel Clacher says,

“It’s been a privilege to work with Techniquest Glyndŵr and other businesses across Wrexham who provide work placements to our young trainees allowing them to experience different ways of working and find where their talents lie”.

Kirsty Molyneux has just started her work placement with the science discovery centre and is already finding her feet as the newest member of the floor staff.

“I love it here”, she said, “especially since I get to meet lots of children who are visiting the centre and I help them get the most out of their visit."

She added

“I hope to work in children’s entertainment in the future so the experience I am getting here is going to be really useful. I would really like to work here once my programme with “Mind the Gap” to build on the experiences I will have during my placement here”

Kirsty explained that once she had moved into her own flat in Wrexham, her support worker introduced her to “We Mind the Gap” to help her develop her confidence and employment skills through a mixture of work placements, training workshops and study.

The charity set Kirsty up with her own personal schedule for the next six months which will amongst other experiences, involve 2.5 days per week on a variety of work placements, and half day a week at Coleg Cambria helping bring her English and Maths qualifications up to scratch.

Mandy Jones, Senior Exhibition and Events Officer at Techniquest commented

“Our first experience of offering work placements through ‘We mind the Gap’ was last year, when they approached us to provide a work placement for a trainee whose planned placement fell through at very short notice.

Our experience then was so positive, and the person who worked with us gained so much out of the experience that we felt we could offer more opportunities this year to more young women who wanted to improve their skills and chances of gaining good employment positions.

Kirsty is the first of a group of work placements we are offering to local young women right up until next March."

She continued
“Judging by the fact she has fitted in so well right at the start I am sure she will have a great time with us. She will be picking up plenty of varied experience as we deliver science related excitement to our visitors.”

Five totally bonkers facts about Bonfire Night!

It's that time of year again where it isn't just a chill that's in the air but a rainbow of colours burst to fill the sky whilst barbecues fire up alongside the bonfire, it can only be November 5th. 

Science is all around us and especially today, here we take a look at five totally baffling facts about Bonfire Night that will blow your mind!


1 – Fireworks were invented completely by accident way back in the 10thcentury! A Chinese cook accidently mixed three common cooking ingredients and set it alight causing colourful flames. Those ingredients were sulphur, charcoal and a salt substitute.


2- Had Guy Fawkes’ plan not been stopped and he successfully lit the 2,500kg of gunpowder beneath the houses of parliament , it would have caused damage within a radius of almost 500 metres. That’s almost the length of six football pitches!


3- To create all of the magnificent colours we see fill the sky each November 5theach firework needs it’s own special concoction. Each one needs a special metal element and when it burns the electrons go wild and release energy in the form of light. To make red you need Strontium and lithium, blue needs copper, yellow is created by sodium, barium makes green whilst magnesium and titanium create silver or white.


4- Every year we celebrate with Bonfires, something that has been done since the gunpowder plot was foiled way back in 1605. As well as fireworks we light a large bonfire which generates a lot of smoke and fire that depending on how big it is can be seen for miles! Fires are a chemical reaction that releases light and heat and requires three key ingredients – fuel, oxygen and heat to burn. The fuel we generally see on Bonfire night is wood, which is very good for the bonfire and keeps it burning.


5- It’s often said that sparklers are the safest firework that you can use, so much so you hold them when they go off! However, there’s a reason you need to wear gloves whenever you set one off. A sparkler burns at x15 the boiling point of water, that’s a staggering 1,500 degrees! If you had the power of three sparklers lit together that would be the equivalent of a blow torch, so be careful!


Fancy more explosive fun? Our ‘All Fired Up’ show begins this Saturday (November 10th) and runs all the way until December 23rd  - Click Here for more information.

How your shopping spree could boost TQG

Right, before we go on any further first of all allow us to apologise, we’re only hours into November but we’re already bringing up that word…Christmas.

However, more and more these days we’ve all got to be prepared in order to give our loved ones the festive period that they deserve and as such we’re calling on you.

Are you one of those people who’s on top of it all? Everything is done and dusted before the first door is punched through on the little ones advent calendar? Their thumb pressing through the window to mark day one of a 25 day countdown, whilst you sit back and relax in full knowledge that you’ve nothing more to purchase.

Maybe you’re just beginning now, it’s a busy time and you aren’t making the same mistake as last year battling it out for the last popular toy of the year on Christmas eve whilst the other half scrambles around for a turkey to the sound of shop doors thudding closed until Boxing Day.

No matter which one you are, you can help us to help you. As we fire up the online shopping accounts the global site Amazon will be used by a lot of us, you’ve probably made a purchase on there yourself. Well, did you know about Amazon Smile? It’s the same thing, same guys and same idea but with a really clever and generous twist.

For every purchase that you make on Amazon Smile the North Wales Science Board will receive 0.5% of the price, which may not sound like much but it all adds up and Christmas time is key. You can help us deliver educational activities to thousands of kids across the UK from our Wrexham base by selecting North Wales Science Board when you log in.

We are only able to deliver what we do through the generosity of others, as a registered charity we can’t do it all alone and thanks to people like you just simply choosing us to back we can continue to inspire young minds.

You don’t need to do anything other than visit Amazon Smile, where all your details remain the same just with the addition of choosing your charity, select us, browse as normal and that’s it, once you’ve paid we both win. Christmas sorted and Techniquest stronger at no extra cost to you.

You can visit Amazon Smile by clicking here.

This one step at TQG could help you save the planet

Techniquest Glyndwr has continued to take steps towards furthering our environmental awareness by now stocking a limited supply of Bamboo Coffee cups.

The issue of single use plastics and non recycled paper products is huge in 2018 and annually there are a staggering half a trillion disposable cups manufactured, that’s 70 cups for every one person on the planet! With these cups containing 5% polyurethane plastic recycling of these cups is incredibly rare.

The lightweight cups at TQG are made from biodegradable bamboo fibre and are the perfect tool for the office or on the go and can help you save cash in the process.

With a charge on throw-away cups in all of our café’s and away from Techniquest with small independents to national chains charging you that bit extra, this could be a great asset to re-charge your batteries on those cold winter mornings.

We’ve a whopping 12 designs available for you to choose from all of which are in limited supply. If your thing is birds, bikes, bees or butterflies your in luck! Perhaps a loyal pooch or wise owl will take your fancy, but it may be difficult to leave the various dragonflies or cats we offer on the store shelf!

Be a part of making a difference to our planet by taking action with millions across the world who are making changes to their habits and saving money in the meantime.

Cups are available at Techniquest at just £9.99 making it a great excuse to head down to see over 65 hands on exhibits in the meantime this half-term or beyond.

You can view our opening times and events here.

A Weekend Science Festival for Wrexham in October

An exciting weekend of science discovery will be taking place in Wrexham town centre at the end of October. Organised by the volunteers of the British Science Association – North Wales Branch it will be involving a unique collaboration of local organisations to provide ‘DARGANFOD//DISCOVER’ an  event which will be running from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th October.

Techniquest Glyndŵr is pleased to be one of the delivery partners for the event, along with Tŷ Pawb, Undegun, Bank Street Social and the Wrexham Enterprise Hub, presenting a packed programme of events across the five venues for people of all ages visiting the town centre.
As part of the event, Techniquest Glyndŵr will be opening up their town centre venue in Chester Street/Henblas Square between 11am and 4.30pm on both the Saturday and Sunday.

At the venue there will be a special ‘Cancerquest’ interactive exhibition over the weekend. The roadshow, developed and presented by the Wales Cancer Partnership, is designed to spread awareness in a family friendly way about cancer and the research being carried out to combat it.



Visitors will be able to walk through and examine at close quarters a giant inflatable structure showing the inside of the human bowel whilst nearby, various engaging hands-on activities will be available demonstrating the work being carried out by the Partnership to identify and treat cancer which explore the properties of DNA and cells.






Elsewhere in the former TJ Hughes departmental store building a variety of hands-on family friendly science exhibits will be available for visitors to try, the cardboard construction zone will give free reign for children to build all sorts of imaginative structures, diddy car races will be run for different age groups and there will be a range of small local businesses will be setting up their


stalls selling anything from craft items to hand made fudge.



In addition to this, on Saturday 27th October, Techniquest Glyndŵr’s TechZone team will be hard at work helping visitors to build robots and carry out computer coding as part of the DARGANFOD//DISCOVER ‘Digital Discoveries’ drop-in event at the Wrexham Enterprise Hub in Queen’s Square. This event will run from 9am-12pm, and also features virtual reality from CEMET and computer game design with Wrexham Glyndŵr University.

Techniquest Glyndŵr will also be performing our family-friendly live science show’10 of the Best’ at 2pm on Saturday in Tŷ Pawb’s performance space, featuring our most exciting and intriguing science demonstrations!

On Sunday 28th October there is a fantastic evening of astronomy planned at Tŷ Pawb from 4pm. ‘Big Universe’ will feature a fascinating talk from Martin Griffiths (Director of Brecon Observatory / ex-NASA) on the Celtic myths of the night sky, and Techniquest Glyndŵr will be delivering shows in our inflatable planetarium, as well as leading some live stargazing up on the roof of Tŷ Pawb.

Hannah Marubbi, Techniquest Glyndŵr Projects Coordinator commented:

“All of us at TQG are really excited to be involved in bringing this new science festival to Wrexham. There is a fantastic programme of events and activities planned for the weekend, with something to please everyone. A brilliant way to start the half term holiday!”

Mike Corcoran, a member of the organising team, said:

“We can’t wait to welcome visitors to DARGANFOD//DISCOVER in Wrexham. We’re all passionate about the sciences, and about the impact expanding your mind, questioning your beliefs and finding out about your world has both for people and for whole communities. We know many feel the same way, and we’re thrilled to be welcoming some fantastic speakers, presenters and performers to Wrexham, for what should be a great weekend!”

The DARGANFOD // DISCOVER weekend has kindly been sponsored by Wockhardt UK and organised by the British Science Association (North Wales Branch).

For the full programme of events and to book tickets, head to the event website Any enquiries can be directed to

The full programme for the weekend is below:

26th October
Bank Street Social Physics in Biology and Science in Music Ages 18+ 19:00 21:00 FREE
27th October
Wrexham Enterprise Hub Digital Discoveries All Ages 09:00 12:00 FREE
27th October
TQG Town Centre Pop Up
Henblas Sq./Chester St.
Plus various interactive science activities
All Ages 11:00 16:30 FREE
27th October
Tŷ Pawb Create-A-Scope Family Fun 12:00 16:00 FREE
27th October
Tŷ Pawb Techniquest Glyndŵr Live Science Show –
“10 of the Best”
All Ages 14:00 15:00 FREE
27th October
Tŷ Pawb Big Ideas Ages 12+ 17:30 21:30 £10.00
27th October
Undegun Robots All Ages 12:00 14:00 FREE
27th October
Undegun Apollo 11 Ages 18+ 20:00 00:00 £3.00
28th October
TQG Town Centre Pop Up
Henblas Sq./Chester St.
Cancerquest All Ages 11:00 16:30 FREE
28th October
Tŷ Pawb Space Craft Family Fun 12:00 16:00 FREE
28th October
Tŷ Pawb Wall-E-Screening All Ages 14:00 15:00 FREE
28th October
Tŷ Pawb Big Universe All Ages 16:00 19:00 £3.00

Preparing for the new term

With the school holidays mostly over for the schools that we serve we are now gearing up for the new term with preparations on our educational programme.

We are in the final stages of producing our new programme which we will be offering to Primary and Secondary schools across North Wales, Shropshire, Cheshire, Wirral, Warrington and Merseyside.

Our programme can be delivered here at our base in Wrexham and combined with access to our 65+ interactive science exhibits or presented on site at schools in the region.

If you are thinking of supporting your STEM curriculum with some engaging, interactive science presented by our skilled and enthusiastic Science Communicators  please call us on 01978 293400.